Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

✿ Floral clutch

Spring is all about floral prints. Clothes and accessories are covered with flowers of all types and colors full of joy and style) Floral purse is a must-have:
The first is a gorgeous Givenchy clutch. Oh, I'd give a lot to get it)
Next comes Mi Loubi Loula clutch by Christian Louboutin, thge price is €595
The one with cute blue flowers is from D&G, it's €260
and beautiful an affordable Romwe shoulder bag for only $72

The handmade floral purses are definitely not worse, the quality and prices are so pleasant and uniqueness is guaranteed. Just look at these handmade beauties:
 1. Silk clutch $85 from french artist Preciously Me The shop by the way is full of stunning silk clutches with floral prints for any taste
2. Hand painted clutch $69 from talented kyoozi Accessories 

1. Amazing clutch for an incredible price of only $17 from Spring Flavor shop (Again, you'll find a variety of flower prints there)
2. Clutch or iPhone / Droid / Smart Phone case $94 from cottonpurr
3. Clutch from the greek shop sweetcase is $85 + the worldwide shippig is free! 

I'm really in a very hard position at the moment - I just cannot choose one purse, I want them all!:)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Greek style

March 25th is the Independence Day in Greece. So logically my today's selection is devoted to this holiday:
1. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Stud Earrings - "Lace" 198, Elegance Eternelle 
2. Imperial Notion Greek Coil Bracelet $55, Rapunsels Tower
3. Greek flag earrings $8, Stephaflea
4. Greek style bracelet $18, Jugosa

1. Grecian Goddess Headband Gold Leaf Crown $36, Rose of the Mire
2. Hand painted sikl scarf $70, Fiorfiore


1. Greek goddess Athena canvas tote $33, Pine Shore
2. Greek goddess Demeter canvas tote $12, Whimsy bags
3. Vintage handwoven handbag $28, Reanimated Rags

I left the best for the end - these are 3kg dumbbells:)) Aren't they cool? Now you can work out like a real greek goddess)
 They are from greece is forlovers shop, they have a lot of fun stuff there)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magnolia ✿✿✿

Magnolia flowers are so beautiful, elegant and exquisite! They are the symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty.They are often used at royal weddings...
Here is some handmade magnolia-shaped jewelry from Etsy artists: 
Magnolia Earrings $7 from Queens Park

Pink Magnolia Photo Pendant Necklace $22 from Nature Mandalas

Antique Ivory cuff bracelet $16.95 from the shag bag
White magnolia ring $160 from bluelala

Friday, March 16, 2012

St.Patrick's Day

Beautiful handmade greens

1. Green Clover in Copper Trichinopoly Necklace $95, Mockingbird Lane Wire
2. St.Patrick's Day earrings, strawberry universe
3. Clover Charm Memory Wire Bracelet $10, Ems Jewelry
4. Charm and silver bracelet $22, myLOVEknot

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012


This spring is all about pastel - light blue, pale pink, beige, cream, mint... Candy colors and girly shapes will make the next months beautiful and cute)
Here are some etsy beauties, my selection for you:
In the center (the biggest photo) - French Macarons Pastel Photography $18.75, ara133photography
Clockwise starting from the upper left corner:

1. Shabby Chic Necklace, lonkoosh
2. Bracelet with 5 lines of pearls €24.90, to kosmima
3. Vintage Dangle Earrings $23, heathernn1
4. Lampwork Glass Handmade Beads $20, susansheehan

5. Cherry Blossom Enamel Flower Earrings $14, Susi D jewelry
6. Romance bracelet €15.0, Elen's P. Creations
7. Flower ring $10, Jacaranda Designs
8. You know you LOVE me ring $10, sharla112
9.  Heart pillow $40, Sandy Mastroni
10. White peacock feather earrings, i love fawn
11. Pastel star bracelet for only £1.50 GBP, Sugar Coated Sprinkles
12. Cream poast card wallt or clutch $10, Rebel Downtown

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mint mania - Etsy jewellery

Sweet, sweet mint... It's literally everywhere this spring. The variety of beautiful things in this color is so big, it's becoming really hard to choose.
You may prefer jewelry with beads:  

1. Lampwork beads $42 from Judith Billig
2. Heishi Strand $9, Endless Elegance by Kat
3. Bohemian crochet wrap bracelet/necklace 'Spring Flowers' $42,  slash Knots
4. Vintage necklace $28, botanical bird

Beads with golden sparkle:
1. Chrysoprase Bar Vermeil Necklace $40, Noho Life
2. Russian Leaf earrings $22 pattimacs
3. Nadira necklace $58, epicetera

Mint and gold is such a gorgeous combination:

1. Leather Bangle bracelets, set of 10 for $30, Amy Fine
2. Hand Patinated Art Nouveau Filigree Cuff, $38, Urban Rose
3. Layered Wire Wrap Button Ring, $25, Trinkets N Whatnots

Cute shapes jeewelry in mint:

1. Mint Enamel Hearts Earrings, $10, Piggle And Pop
2. Scissor Necklace, $44, tider design
3. Macaron Earrings, $15, kuki shop

Mint flowers seem to be the most popular theme:  

1. Spring ring, $14, MPerry designs
2. The Rose Garden necklace, $24, handmade by bluebird
3. Alebaster flower blossom earrings, $8.5, Lorienna Designs

And some other mint beauties I loved:
1. Multifaceted eco resin ring, $30, Rosella Resin
2. Cuff, $74, lottalosten

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mint is everywhere

1. Mint dress from $59 from onor
2. China Glaze Re-fresh mint nail polish
3. A Refined Drama in Christian Louboutin Kyeops Python Clutch
4. Mint and gold tube geometric earrings $24 from knobbly